Are you with the latest coffee trends? The Huffington Post Australia spoke to Professor Chahan Yeretzian — who was in Australia all the way from Switzerland, courtesy of Toby’s Estate — to find out the next big trends in coffee. Turns out we can give ourselves a pat on the back because in the coffee world, Australia is right up there with the best.

“In terms of trends that are happening in Europe — we are seeing a lot of coffees brewed cold. We are seeing fusion coffee where, for example, beer and coffee meet and you have beverages somewhere in between.”

Speaking of beer, turns out “fizzy coffee” is also a thing, and it’s served out of beer taps.

“Something else we’re seeing is carbonated coffee, which you pour out of a beer tap,” Yeretzian said. “While you are dispensing it you add nitrogen to it to create foamy texture, like beer. It creates a sensation that is something like a stronger coffee taste without being stronger.”

“It looks like beer but it is actually coffee coming out of a beer tap.”

Coffee enthusiasts are also experimenting with brewing the coffee cold.

“Cold brew is right now the big thing. It reduces acidity and produces a smoother, softer, sweeter coffee,” Yeretzian said. “It’s a new way of extracting that’s very exciting but, at the same time, it has a very long brewing time. It can take hours.

“I think really what we are seeing is a new way of playing around with coffee. What’s happening is what I call a culinary chef culture. People are taking this product and getting creative with it.”

Waste Removal

When it comes to coffee production, this is a major buzz trend. When the cherry skin is removed during the harvesting process, coffee farmers use it to turn it into a coffee flour that can be used for baking. The green cherries that are removed at harvesting via mechanical means are roasted so consumers can now use the entire harvest.

The Water

One of the 2016 coffee trends has to do with water. This may sound a little odd but there has been much talk recently about what people are using to brew their coffee. 2016 will see the industry as a whole looking more closely at water and using the ingredient in different ways. We’re really not far off from coffee shops offering a coffee brewed with as many as three different water sources, or even water that measured several different levels of Total Dissolved Solids. After all, coffee is just 2% of the beverage with water making up the remainder 98%.

Combination Beverages

A combination of tea and coffee beverages – that’s right, brewed tea and coffee together – is going to start growing in popularity. It’s already popular in Asia and other parts of the world.


Coffee with chicory is set to see a comeback, particularly in cold brew varieties. Originally from New Orleans, this mixture was actually a necessity during the Civil War and was implemented to make coffee supplies last that much longer.


The role baristas play is going to keep on expanding. Baristas have become more central to the entire beverage-making process, as opposed to simply being a server. They’re now considered more as mixologists.

Retention Programs

Programs at the origin where coffee is actually grown are going to be implemented to inspire next generation coffee farmers to stay close to the coffee sector and to keep driving quality.



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