mobile coffee unit

Many people dream of travelling around Australia with their caravan and seeing all the amazing things that our great country has to offer.   Add to that dream the idea of taking your own coffee van with you.  Well that’s the adventure that Peter and Dee Russell  have just embarked on.

Traversing Around Australia With A Very Special Mobile Coffee Unit

Peter and Dee have dreamed of spending their retirement years leisurely traveling around Australia.  Over the past few weeks the team at Bella Manufacturing have converted their Holden Colorado space cab ute into a very trendy looking coffee van. Then to top it all off, add Dee’s amazing artwork and you have one very special mobile coffee unit.

As Peter and Dee travel around Australia and pull up to camp for the night, they look forward to firing up their coffee machine and making hot coffees for all the fellow campers.  To top things off the Coffee Van is an ECO FRIENDLY unit and operates without any noise or exhaust.

As Peter and Dee begin their around Australia journey, we wish them the very best with their new lifestyle.  If you come across the “Traveling Coffee Bean” make sure you call in for a great coffee.

To learn about how you can acquire your own mobile coffee unit, don’t hesitate to contact the Bella Manufacturing team. We can talk you through business structures, custom fit options, and even finance.


mobile coffee unit

mobile coffee unit mobile coffee unit mobile coffee unit

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