Two New Coffee Trolley Businesses Up and Running

This week sees the start of two new coffee businesses based on Bella Manufacturing’s mobile trolley. Two passionate operators, one in North Sydney and one in Docklands, Melbourne have embraced their inner city lifestyle by launching brand new coffee outlets. ┬áBoth operators have chosen to base their businesses on one of Bella Manufacturing’s “Coffee Trolleys”.

Coffee Trolley For Sale: The Features

The trolley gives them the flexibility to operate their coffee shop from the smallest location, and even roll it away each evening into a secure enclosure. ┬áThe operators finds the Coffee Trolley very much self contained, with everything they need to operate all built in to the mobile unit. Max from North Sydney says the main benefit about having a coffee trolley is that he can bring the “theatre” of making coffee right in front of his customers, and once they see him making a good coffee, they can’t resist having one.

Start Your Own Business Today

You can have your own flexible business, too, with the help of a high-quality coffee trolley or other mobile coffee unit! Contact the Bella Manufacturing team now – we’d be glad to talk you through your business and coffee unit options, as well as finance.

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