Coffee has attracted many people into the Mobile Catering Business – it’s easy, clean and offers great profit margins.

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In essence, a Mobile Coffee / Tea business consists of a vehicle fitted with a coffee machine and other ancillary equipment, selling products similar to static coffee shops. If you were thinking of opening a coffee shop but don’t want or can’t afford the set up costs, then a good alternative could be a Mobile Coffee Business.

It has certainly attracted many start-ups in the last few years, and in all sorts of vehicles! Transit style vans, three wheelers, vintage VW campers, teardrop trailers, electric carts, golf buggies and almost every other type of vehicle imaginable – in fact, it seems the more unusual the vehicle, the more appealing it is!

The Main Advantages of a Mobile Coffee / Tea Business

1. Low Start Up Costs

You can start a mobile coffee / tea business for very little. If you’re looking for a great business without a large outlay coffee vans offer you a fantastic smart affordable set up to get you started. You have the option of a brand new vehicle or fitting out your existing van. There is even Eco Friendly LPG power system to reduce costs even further.

2. Coffee is a Growing Trend

The coffee business is growing, and rapidly. There are many coffee connoisseurs who will no longer accept a cup of drab, powdered instant, and want high quality coffee. This is only going to continue with more coffee van business.

3. Great Profit Margins

Coffee and tea offer incredible gross profit margins of up to 95% which is what has attracted the big companies to expand at such a rapid rate. Very few other products even come close, meaning that you have the potential to make a lot of money.

4. A Year Round Product
moneytree-608-223-300x110Some products are very seasonal, but coffee is no longer one of them. Yes, you won’t sell as many on hot days, but let’s be honest, they are few and far between.

5. Flexibility
Many people operate a mobile coffee / tea business to fit around their lifestyle, choosing only the odd show or event. For others they choose to do it as a career; it is these that tend to operate a daily

round or a on regular pitch in a town centre or retail park. The great thing is that it can be run part time, on evenings outside a club or weekends at various events around the country. It’s very flexible.

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