Turning a customer’s vision into a reality is an art form, and one that the Bella Manufacturing team are pretty good at these days.

We got good by listening to what our customers want, really listening. This means every coffee van, food truck, or promotional vehicle we build is unique, because our customers are.

Sometimes understanding what customers want means helping them flesh out their vision, and the team at Bella Manufacturing are pretty good at that too. But sometimes customers know exactly what they want … and what they don’t want. And then we need to listen even closer.

What They Wanted

Visual communication specialist John Gearman knew exactly what he did and didn’t want from his House of Muscle promotional merchandising vehicle. With some unique specifications that only we could deliver, combined with our reputation for great customer service, Bella Manufacturing was the logical choice.

House of Muscle sells muscle car merchandise online, and on the V8 super car circuit and other muscle car events.

Every event involved a couple of hours of setting up and pulling down display tables and a marquee; time that would have been better spent selling merchandise.

There was nowhere for staff to relax on a break, and if the weather turned bad then the team would be stuck sheltering under the tent, while customers were left standing in the open … or more likely disappearing off to the beer tent.

A promotional vehicle would be quicker to set up, more secure, offer a more comfortable retreat on breaks, and be easier lock down against bad weather.

A Bella Manufacturing promotional vehicle would do this to the exact design and build specifications of the customer, with a superior level of quality and finish, and still be finished in time for the next big event at Bathurst.

What we Did

Promotional vehicles are very different from coffee vans or food trucks … and not just because they don’t have kitchens.

John was pretty clear he wasn’t looking for a stainless steel bunker; he was looking for a man cave on wheels. That influenced the build design and customisation and the graphics, so for this build there were a few key steps needed to get it just right.

Customise the Van

We started with an Iveco Van and cut a 3.5 metre opening to create a big side window so customers could get a good look at what was inside. Bella Manufacturing was the only promotional vehicle manufacturer willing and able to take on this level of customization.

Display the Merchandise

We worked with John to design a visual merchandising system that would showcase the products and increase sales.

Standard systems used in brick and mortar retail businesses didn’t fit the bill so we sourced and recommended a solution for the vertical hanging walls that would fit the truck and show off the goods.

Light up the Goods

House of Muscle is a retail business albeit a mobile one, so strategic lighting was important to showcase the products to their best advantage.

We advised them on designing a lighting system that would entice customers to buy, but one that was also energy efficient since unlimited power is not an option for a mobile business.

Designed for Dudes

As a graphic designer John knew exactly how he wanted the House of Muscle vehicle to look like. It was important that it made a strong brand statement to appeal to its audience; it needed to be a man cave on wheels.

As part of the brand story of any business the artwork on a promotional or catering vehicle is as important as the build design, and different businesses need different designs to complement that story.

Coffee vans generally need a softer design that uses words and images to communicate quickly that they are a coffee business, ice creams vans will use a more quirky design to appeal to kids.

Promotional vehicles for food like SPC Perfect Fruit need to focus more on the product.

Bella Manufacturing have the expertise to guide and advise customers on the right look for their business.

Security, Storage and Staff Room Sorted

Selling merchandise means carrying merchandise so having enough storage without the team tripping over boxes of t-shirts was important.

We incorporated the smart use of space into the design so the van was able to carry enough merchandise for even the busiest event.

Busy days mean tired staff so we also incorporated a retreat at the front of the van with a lounge, fridge, microwave and even a TV. The ideal place to recharge on a break and cleverly designed to use any vacant space as extra storage.

As a precaution against theft we also incorporated a CCTV system and a panic button alarm.

Our customers recognise good customer service and quality … because they are used to delivering it themselves. House of Muscle is no exception and they were thrilled with the finished result, which we delivered in time for Bathurst despite a few hiccups with the van supplier.

For a no obligation discussion about how Bella Manufacturing can help you design and build a proportional vehicle for your business call 1300 721 811 or email us here.


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