Picking the right power source for your new food truck is as important as getting the design right if you want to run a profitable business.

The amount of power you need, where you plan to use the truck, and how much you are willing to spend up front, as well as maintenance and running costs, will all impact on your decision.

Knowing all the options and getting the right advice before you start to build is crucial, and at Bella Manufacturing we’ve got the knowledge and experience to help you make the right choice for your business.

So here are just a few things to think about with the options on offer.

Get Maximum Power with a Generator

If you need a self-sufficient power source with a consistently high output then a generator will probably be your first choice.

They are ideal for bigger trucks that need to power multiple appliances like toasters, grills, pie ovens and air conditioning units.

The downside is they need regular servicing, burn fuel and produce emissions, and although they can be quiet, they are not silent.

Not ideal if you are looking for an environmentally friendly option that doesn’t take the skills of a mechanic to maintain.

But if you decide it’s the right choice, great options include Cummins Onan generators which are designed to operate inside the truck without filling it with fumes. The best choice for your truck will be designed around the space available.


Go Greener with a Battery Inverter

If your truck is simpler or smaller and your power needs aren’t as great then a battery inverter could be the logical choice.

Unlike a generator it’s totally silent, doesn’t need regular servicing, and has fewer emissions. Set up costs are similar to a generator but a battery inverter costs less to run.

Batteries only store a limited amount of power and will need to be charged every night, but if you pair it with solar panels mounted on the top of the truck you can top up throughout the day.

Solar panels add an additional upfront cost, but will enhance the green credentials of this already environmentally friendly option and save you money in the long term.

Inverters can also provide power on the move so you can always keep appliances like a fridge and its contents cool.


Pair up with Gas

LPG isn’t a stand-alone option for powering your food truck but if your power needs are high it can be can be paired with a smaller generator without compromising output.

Gas can be used to run deep fryers, cooktops and hotplates while the generator powers the electrical appliances such as the fridge.

If you power with gas you’ll need to carry enough gas bottles in the truck to meet your needs for the day, and be vigilant about gas safety.

Gas will also work alongside a battery inverter for extra power but whatever you pair it with, using two power sources means you’ve always got a backup, and you can power more appliances.

Gas bottles

Plug In On Site

If your regular route includes powered sites, and you need to rely on an uninterrupted power source, then plugging into mains electricity is a great option.

Some local councils offer mains powered locations, as do a lot of events, fairs and other street markets.

Whether it provides enough power depends on the appliances you use, and high powered appliances such as ice cream machines will still need the extra boost of a generator.

And mains power doesn’t keep appliances such as fridges running when you are on the move the way an inverter or generator will, since you always need to unplug before heading off. But it can be a useful back up onsite when consistent power is needed.

For a no obligation discussion about how Bella Manufacturing can open up your business to new horizons and support you through the entire process, including picking the power source that’s right for your truck call 1300 721 811 or email us here.

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