In a crowded market getting customers excited about your brand means being innovative; it’s not enough just to open your doors and wait for them to turn up and buy.

So it’s easy to see why promotional vehicles have become more popular than ever as experiential marketing tools.

Promotional vehicles let you reach out and engage with customers. By taking your brand on the road you spark their curiosity, engage their senses, and make their interaction with you more memorable.

Taking your show on the road lets customers experience your product in their space, whether it’s at a big festival, a show ground, or you just turn up in their town or city.

Promotional vehicles can feel less corporate, more funky and accessible. They’re flexible and adaptable and as mobile advertising even when they’re not promoting they’re promoting.

They’re also an investment in your business, so when you decide to make that investment you want to be confident it’s the right one.

The SPC Ardmona Story

Australian cannery SPC Ardmona, owned by drinks giant Coca Cola, hit tough times in 2014 and it prompted some new product innovation. The result was Perfect Fruit a soft serve whipped frozen fruit dessert. Non-dairy and made with 100% Aussie fruit it was the perfect response to growing demand for healthier treats and snacks.

SPC are committed to sourcing ingredients locally so the new product also secured a long standing relationship with local fruit growers and their communities.

When it was time to go to market they knew they needed a different approach since this was a different product. So their marketing partners Maverick Marketing approached Bella Manufacturing to build a promotional vehicle that would let them take Perfect Fruit on the road, and into mouths of customers.

Pick the Perfect Partner

This wasn’t the first time SPC used promotional vehicles but they’d had problems in the past so they knew it was time to look for a different partner for this build.

Mobility was the key since they wanted to reach as wide an audience as possible, so Bella Manufacturing helped them source two Mercedes Sprinters that were each fitted out with four soft serve machines.

Food safety and OH&S regulations dictate build requirements on any food service vehicle but the experienced team at Bella Manufacturing made sure the SPC custom design was functional and compliant as well as true to their vision.

Bella Manufacturing was also aware SPC had power issues with vehicles from their previous partner so they invited the team on site to spend a day test running the proposed generator system. That way they could be confident there would be no compromise on power when they hit the road.

Picking a partner who understood their needs both from years of industry experience and through client consultation meant that SPC were confident the Bella Manufacturing team knew exactly what they wanted before the design had left the drawing board.

Consult with Confidence

Consultation is the key to building a promotional vehicle that meets the exact specifications of each individual client.

Bella Manufacturing owns the end-to-end process of every unique vehicle they deliver, from the initial custom design consultation to handing over the keys on completion.  A team of qualified engineers build the vehicles at the factory and clients are invited to come and spend some time at any stage of the process.

SPC had a unique set of workflow requirements and a unique design and by working in partnership with the team, keeping them informed and inviting them to the factory to see progress, both SPC and Bella Manufacturing knew it was always going to deliver.

Seek out Great Service

Getting the keys to your promotional vehicle at the end of the build is just the beginning.

Great after sales service should come as standard so when SPC got the keys to their new vehicles it was no surprise it didn’t end there.

Bella Manufacturing trademark after sales service meant SPC also took delivery of:

  • Comprehensive advice on complying with food service and OH&S legislation
  • Full training on the use of the equipment
  • Advice on regulatory and legislative contacts for ongoing compliance
  • Full operation manuals and a handover booklet
  • The name of a contact at Bella Manufacturing to call for follow up support as required

Promotional vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, from food service trucks like the SPC ice cream vans to vehicles for visual merchandising, with big graphics and plenty of display space, and each one is unique.

Picking the right partner means being confident in their skills and experience, as well as their consultation process and after sales service. To be confident of a return, don’t invest in anything less.

For a no obligation discussion about how a Bella Manufacturing promotional vehicle can open up your business to new horizons call 1300 721 811 or email us here.


SPC Ardmona picked Bella Manufacturing to create a promotional van for Perfect Fruit, their new whipped frozen fruit treat.

The SPC team spent a day at the Bella Manufacturing factory to test the machines on the proposed generator system.

SPC secured fleet pricing with Mercedes thanks to the introduction from Bella Manufacturing

The SPC vehicle was engineered with a cut out panel that opened for service, but when closed displayed the full advertising signage for Perfect Fruit.

The vehicle was ready to go in a build time of just six weeks and a simple operating manual meant multiple users were able to take Perfect Fruit on the road.


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