The “Sweet Bean Espresso” mobile Coffee Van rolled out of the Bella Manufacturing workshops onto the streets of Brisbane this week, with the proud new owner, Ibou behind the wheel.

Ibou is originally from Europe and came to Australia several years ago. He is a qualified Chef by trade and has worked in various industries.  After making the decision to work for himself in the mobile coffee van and mobile food van catering industry, he needed a mobile coffee van custom made to his own requirements for service and visual display.

Ibou came to Bella Manufacturing after being recommended by one of our previous happy customers (we love getting great feedback). Ibou had some very specific design ideas and a passion for the mobile coffee industry so Bella Manufacturing was his obvious choice.

A custom fit mobile coffee van to suit your business

Ibou decided to use a Hyundai I-load for his mobile coffee van.  So working with him, we took our “Universal catering unit” and adapted it to suit Ibou’s requirements and also added a display fridge and sliding draw Engel fridges.

A Quiet and Eco-Friendly Coffee Van

The “Sweet Bean Espresso” mobile coffee Van is another Bella Manufacturing silent Eco Friendly “Green option” set up, with an LPG Coffee Machine, coupled with a battery pack and inverter system to power the electrical appliances.  These vans operate with no noise, vibrations, exhaust or emissions that you can get from generators, so are a great quiet operation for any situation.

The LPG operating systems are becoming so popular over the generator powered set-up, that Bella Manufacturing are getting more and more requests to manufacture these set-ups.  And why not – it’s a smart “green” choice, which also saves you on daily running costs, and maintenance. For more information click here.

Keep your eye out for Ibou (you won’t hear him) with his “Sweet Bean Espresso” Mobile Coffee Van from Bella Manufacturing around Brisbane, and don’t pass up your perfect coffee fix.

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