Bella Manufacturing are a well establish Australian business that has been in the mobile food industry for 10 years. Our mission is to ensure that each of our customers has a smooth transition between the idea phase, to CAD planning, construction, hand-over and after sales service. We always make time to answer any of your questions.

On top of our great service, we ensure a quality product that is durable, safe and Australian made. There is a long list of Australian standards and legislative codes that all manufacturers must meet, however, many manufacturers do not. At Bella we ensure that each of these standards are met and supplied to each of our customers for full transparency. At the end of the day, we value quality and we are sure you do to. For more information check out our blog!

Research, research, research. Before you do anything, you need to gather all your information to have a greater understanding of the industry. Here are a couple of tips:

  1. What is your business? Start drawing up a business plan to understand what food you will be making, what type of events you want to service and how your business is going to make a profit.
  2. Start to watch your competitors. What food are they making, what events are they doing and how will this impact your business plan.
  3. Network! Use this time to chat to other food truckers, they have industry experience and may give you a few tips. Your local council will be the ones to sign off your project, you should begin liaising with them as soon as possible. It’s also great to start connecting with event organisers, they will be the one to approve you for as many or as little jobs as possible.
  4. Where are you going to build your food truck or mobile food unit? In Australian there is a large scale of quality and thus it is vital to do your research before you start building with any manufacturer. Understand the legislative codes and regulations that your unit will need to meet and liaise with your local council for clarifications on an specifications your unit will need for approval. Do a factory visit if you can! A factory visit will give you reassurance that you’re not getting yourself into anything dodgy. Ask questions!! These industry experts should be able to provide you with all the answers in the world, at Bella we believe there’s never a silly question, our team will help you clarify anything during your build.

Mobile food units are very versatile, here’s a quick break down:

  • Food Trucks and Trailers: catering, events, festivals, markets, community fundraisers and dark kitchens.
  • Smoko Truck or Ute: beep-and-go, catering at work sites, coffee stops and general catering.
  • Shipping Container Kitchen: catering, dark kitchen, events, café, restaurant, and job site catering.
  • Coffee Van: this ones a little more obvious; stop-and-go, sporting carnivals etc
  • Mobile Promotional Vehicle: this vehicle can be used to serve products, demonstration, and act as a marketing activation campaign for any business.

We provide all of our customers with an operations manual consisting of all our maintenance recommendations, product warranties and product manuals. In order to keep your mobile food business running smoothly for years, it is vital to keep on top of maintenance. Warranties can become void if the equipment and vehicle are not maintained correctly. Read our article to understand the five aspects of maintaining a mobile food unit.

Food trailers are best for stationary and long-term parking locations due to them being large in size and difficult to manoeuvre. This option is typically more affordable however you must have a vehicle that has a 3.5 tonne towing capacity. Food trucks have become a very popular option as they have a lot to offer. They have a larger towing capacity meaning more equipment and storage. Food trucks typically retain a great resale value for when you part ways with your mobile food business. Both options have their pros and cons, so it’s important to discuss your options with a industry professional to ensure that you are choosing the right unit for your business. Read our article on the differences between trucks and trailers.

Working with event organisers is not only a great way to network but it can also be one of the more profitable segments of running your business. A special event or food truck event can determine whether you have a profitable month, or you just cover your costs. It's crucial to do your research before entering an event to ensure it will bring enough profit to meet your monthly target. If an event chargers you a large fee and end up being a dud, then it can seriously impact your overall profit. Read our article for some tips on how to work food truck events.

Yes. As long as you have a spot to set yourself for the day/evening then all you need to do is sign up to your chosen online food delivery company (Ubereats, Deliveroo, Menulog) and start cooking. Check out our article on dark kitchens.

Market research is essential for any start-up business. You need to understand the food industry, the mobile food industry, regulations and standards, suppliers, competitors, food truck manufacturers and much more. Write a list of things you need to know and start contacting people and researching. Our team at Bella can also help answer questions along the way. Check out our article for more info!