Alchemy LogoWe are proud to announce that we are now distributing the  full range of Alchemy Coffee and Frappe Syrups.
Alchemy’s innovative range of All natural Coffee, Chai and Frappe Syrups are ….well….simply, the best in Australia.  Alchemy use only the finest, highest quality, all natural ingredients to create our range of delicious, captivating, Coffee Syrups that will Transform the way you think about refreshment and what you do with it.  Alchemy only uses the best quality natural flavours in their syrups, this means that you are getting real vanilla, or hazelnut, or caramel…. not artificial, confectionary flavours.  This gives you a better, totally natural experience, and no nasty aftertaste.

The syrups do make delicious drinks for your customers, but the real financial benefits to your business are the most important.  You only have to do the maths to see how adding Alchemy Syrup range to your business equals increased profits with very little effort.  Unlock the huge potential that Alchemy’s syrups give you to make many high margin, value added hot and cold drink options for your business.
– Add a shot of syrup to a coffee or hot chocolate will make you an additional 20% every time you sell one.
– Replace sugar with a shot of syrup instead and be paid for it.
– Chai Latte syrup costs 1 cent a shot plus 150ml of hot milk, and sell for $3.50 wow!.
– Frappe – so simple – Ice, syrup, $$$$

 It’s not rocket science – That’s easy profit in your pocket. 




Coffee Syrups – All flavours, 750ml bottle: $14.00 p/Bottle
Ice Coffee Syrup – Frappe Syrup 750ml bottle $15.00 p/Bottle
Chai Syrups – All flavours, 750ml bottle: $15.00 p/Bottle
Frappulicious Syrups – All flavours, 2L bottle: $22.00 p/Bottle


Please contact us to order, or for more information on our range of Alchemy syrups.