Coffee-Beans.jpgOur Bella Manufacturing Ethical-Trade Arabica Beans are sourced from the Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea, called Okapa, our beans are shade-grown, preserving the lush jungle.  ‘Shade-grown’ provides natural habitat and food for local wildlife as well as a vital haven for migratory birds. This plantation represents the first reliable source of ethical trade to this isolated region, providing much needed funds for road improvements, health and education to the highland people. Including:

  • Text books and desks for 20 primary schools
  • Beds and mattresses for hospital patients and essential medical drugs
  • Maintenance of the road network
  • Support for small businesses in the area
  • Understated growth and development for the region
  • Preservation of the local habitat and wildlife

So all in all, our beans not only taste great, but have many other positive benefits. And at a reasonable price, why wouldn’t you choose us?


Bella Manufacturing Premium Arabica Beans: $24.00 p/1 kg Bag
Decaf Coffee Beans: $15.00 p/250g Bag


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