Parking And Presenting Your Truck

Location, location, location.

Finding a spot to park your truck which is easily accessible to customers in your target market as well as attracting the attention of hungry passers-by is key. What streets should you park on? What are your other options aside from streets? Should you operate solo, or team up with other food trucks? These are all questions you need to think about when determining when and where you should operate.

Street Location

A good way to start the process of determining potential street locations is to research the foot and vehicle traffic in the locations you are considering. Take into account other resources and conduct your own research. Think about how much traffic there is in your selected street and the surrounding area. You need to ensure there is enough traffic to build a good customer base.

Diving a little deeper, you should profile the location and ensure customers are your preferred target market. It is important to find out who is in the area and when; for example the lunch crowd may be local workers taking their breaks, while morning and evening may be locals looking for food or drink on their way to and from work

Other Parking Options

Owning a mobile catering business gives you a huge advantage over brick-and-mortar restaurants, as you are able to operate almost anywhere with no hassle. If you find one location works more than another, you have the flexibility to pick and choose your set up locations each day.

Alternative to street locations, there are a large range of other parking options for you to explore. Other options include food truck meet ups/events, business parks and office complexes, universities and other education facilities, local parks and markets.

In determining your location, you also need to consider other operators within the area. Think about your competitors and other vendors that may compliment your product.

Presenting Your Vehicle

Now for the fun part! You only get one first impression, and the outside of your vehicle is the first thing your customers will see. A person going by your truck will take, on average, five seconds to decide whether they are comfortable ordering from your menu.

So, what should you include on the exterior to influence this decision and make a great first impression? Your logo and any images that best present your product, along with basic details such as your phone number or website. Limit the amount of text you include as it can clutter and distract from the important details. Less is more, and information you choose to include should be large and clear enough to read from a distance.

We recommend wrapping your vehicle, and can assist you with a full service from design to application of the wrap. We use a local design agency specialised in vehicle wrapping to ensure the job is done to perfection.

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