Have you been keeping track of the latest shipping container trends?

Shipping Containers have become all the rave in recent years where communities and businesses have begun to re-purpose them into all sorts of unique spaces. From a steel rusty box these container modifications are extremely versatile. Not only can these units be utilised for almost any purpose, but they can be mobile. Due to them not being a fixed structure, a shipping container gives you the freedom and opportunity to move anywhere, anytime. Here are just a few trending shipping container conversions that we can build at Bella Manufacturing.

Mobile Container Kitchens

Commercial kitchen containers are an affordable investment for a new small business owner looking to enter the mobile food industry, as well as, businesses and franchises that desire to expand their current business plan. Converting the container into a mobile kitchen enables you to take your business to the customer, at events, trade shows and concerts. This unique concept allows your product to connect with the customers five sense for the ultimate experience. No other marketing technique beats being about to touch, smell, taste, hear and see your amazing product.


Similar to a container kitchen, a container cafe allows your to serve delicious coffee from almost anywhere. Coffee shops are popping up left, right and center, so having a unique store layout will give your business the edgy look its searching for.

A 20-foot shipping container has been transformed into a brand new Alexandria cafe.

Office, Command Post and Government Services 

Whether your after a construction site office, project sales office or provisions of government services, a modified shipping container is a great and transportable solution. These units are custom to your specific business requirements. This is a money saving option for those who can move there office along with their project.

Plantation Pod

If you are in the horticultural business then a plantation pod might be for you! The pod caters for horticultural controlled growing environments, medicinal grade insulated interior and flooring. Being custom, Bella enables your horticultural to reach new heights.

With shipping containers in multiple sizes, 10ft, 20ft & 40ft, your options are endless. Bar, kitchen, coffee shop, retail store... you name it, we do it all! All you need to do is get in touch with our industry experts here at Bella Manufacturing to hit the ground running with your business.