For Coffee Vans and Coffee Trailers

Get off the beaten track in one of the Bella Manufacturing customised coffee, van, trailer or carts with one of our ‘green’ energy alternatives.

Now you can take one of our noise, exhaust and vibration-free alternatives into sleepy suburbs or rural retreats, such as National Parks, anytime of the day without disturbing the locals as well as unplugging from a generator or cabled power source for you power supply.

LPG Gas Coffee Machine

Any Bella Manufacturing customised vehicle can be set up to run with an LPG powered coffee machine, and a battery pack and inverter system to power any electrical appliances.

Our Diamond Traditional machines have been popular in Europe for many years and have a long history of success.

All Bella Manufacturing machines are installed by certified gas fitters and the coffee machines are certified to AGA standards.

Battery Pack & Inverter Systems

Bella Manufacturing relies on Victron Energy, a world leader in the supply of alternative energy sources, for our battery pack and inverter systems.

We match a battery pack coupled with an inverter and charger to the energy requirements of your vehicle’s individual system that lets you recharge daily when your van is back at base.

Solar Panels

Where space allows, a solar panel or two can be installed on the roof of the coffee van or coffee trailer. This allows a continual “topping up” of the battery during the daylight hours.

If you are keen to explore the use of an LPG coffee machine in your mobile coffee unit, then call one of the team at Bella Manufacturing on 1300 721 811.