For Coffee Vans and Coffee Trailers

greenpage-Traditional1-coffeeBella Manufacturing have now introduced a range of “GREEN” options that allow our range of coffee vans, coffee trailers and coffee carts to operate without the need of a generator or constant reliance on a power supply.

This allows the operator of one of our mobile coffee units to operate in silence, without the constant hum of a generator in the background. Given that there is no noise, exhaust or vibration, the operator now has the ability to operate in a quiet location such as a National Park or quiet suburban location.

LPG Gas Coffee Machine

In summary Bella Manufacturing offer any of our mobile units set up to run with a Coffee Machine powered by LPG gas, coupled with a battery pack and inverter system to power any electrical appliances. LPG powered coffee machines have been used in Europe for many years and the Diamond Traditional machine that we use has a long history of success in this market. All our installations are installed by certified gas fitters and the coffee machines are certified to AGA standards.

Battery Pack & Inverter Systems

For our battery pack and inverter systems Bella Manufacturing use technology from Victron Energy – one of the worlds leading suppliers of alternate energy.  Based on the energy requirements of each individual system, we choose an appropriate sized battery pack and couple it with an Inverter / Charger.  This battery pack can be recharged on a daily basis when the van or trailer return to their base.

Solar Panels

Where space allows, a solar panel or two can be installed on the roof of the coffee van or coffee trailer. This allows a continual “top up” of the battery during the daylight hours.

If you are keen to explore the use of an LPG coffee machine in your mobile coffee unit, then call one of the team at Bella Manufacturing on 1300 721 811.

All the Mobile Coffee Units below are run by LPG power combined with Battery pack and inverter systems.