With a reputation as one of Australia’s Favourite Coffees to uphold, Merlo Coffee turned to Bella Manufacturing for something that reflected the quality of their brand when they decided it was time to upgrade their coffee van.

They also bought with them some unique design and energy challenges that demanded something a bit different from the Bella Manufacturing team.

The Bella Manufacturing design team created a custom coffee van that not only served the basic requirements of a fast moving mobile coffee and catering business, but also incorporated Merlo’s request that they could swap the standard two group gas-powered coffee machine for their own three group electric powered coffee machine at busier events and functions.

Since different coffee machines have different footprints, this meant engineering the layout of the Fiat Ducato to accommodate both machines. They also had to create a mobile catering vehicle that was gas and generator powered. It was a challenge the Bella Manufacturing team were able to meet our needs in a 6 week design and delivery time frame.

Merlo Coffee were delighted with the final product, and the exceptional after sales service and availability that Bella Manufacturing is renowned for.

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