When qualified chef Jorge Newbury decided he’d had enough working for other people, it didn’t take him long to realise that a Bella Manufacturing mobile catering vehicle was a fresh and flexible option when he wanted to be his own boss.

As an experienced chef with years of kitchen time under his belt Jorge had lots of ideas when he turned up at the Bella Manufacturing design studio. He worked closely with the team to flesh out his vision and pretty soon the Phatboys food truck was born.

Like most of the Bella Manufacturing projects this was a fully custom designed vehicle, created around a two and half by four metre purpose-built food trailer.

The team at Bella Manufacturing took Jorge’s specific needs including a deep fryer, hot plates, grills, as well sinks and storage, and incorporated the safety and compliance requirements demanded from mobile catering vehicles in Queensland.

The result was a seamless design that flowed, and a layout that lent itself to the flair and focus of a professional chef. This gas-powered gem also uses a battery pack and inverter system to supply all the power Jorge and his team need to keep the hungry crowds happy, and with a design and build time of only six weeks they didn’t have long to wait.

Jorge was able to watch the build progress, visiting the factory weekly to see his new business emerge, and he was delighted with the result, from the finer design details like the clever use of space, to the Bella Manufacturing legendary after sales support. With the Bella Manufacturing team behind him it wasn’t long before he was operating his new catering vehicle with confidence.

Phat Boys are always on the move but you can track down your next chance to try this fantastic Portuguese street food at www.phatboysfoodtruck.com.au

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