Frastil Pty Ltd Trading as Bella Manufacturing is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of mobile equipment.  In an effort to maintain a high quality standard, Frastil Pty Ltd Trading as Bella Manufacturing operate our own engineering workshop with skilled and experienced tradesmen.  In our workshop we undertake strict quality control during the manufacture of our mobile units and use components that have proved over the years to be of the highest quality and reliability.  By nature a mobile unit is a complex piece of equipment made up of a great number of working components.  We encourage all customers to get to know and understand their machinery very well.  The long term reliability of the unit is very much dependant on maintaining regular servicing of each of the components.

Our Quality and Pricing Values

Over the years we have learnt that it is necessary to use the highest quality components, the most experienced tradesman and those components and systems that have stood the test of time.  As such we have a strong focus and commitment to quality and quality does come at a price.  We will never promise to be “the cheapest” as some do, as being the cheapest inevitably means sacrificing quality.  We will however commit to using our 25 years industry experience to offer a great product at a very fair price.

Product Warranty’s

As the mobile unit is made up of many different components the overall warranty of the unit will be comprised of the various warranties of the components from which it is made.   These warranties are provided to the customer and upheld directly by the manufacturers, suppliers and contractors who supply the components and or workmanship.  Where available we will provide the customer with the contact details for the various suppliers and manufacturers to allow the purchaser to contact them directly if and when needed. The customer may need to send formal warranty registration to some of the manufacturers.  Warranties from all manufacturers are based on any warranty service being offered at place of manufacture or by their approved service agent at the manufacturers sole discretion. All warranties are limited to the repair or replacement of any component at the manufacturers sole discretion. Frastil Pty Ltd Trading as Bella Manufacturing will not refund or compensate for faulty individual manufacturers products which they are responsible for.

General Warranties for Components


  • Vehicle warrantys are offered directly from the vehicle manufacturer and dependant on the manufacturer.
  • Frastil Pty Ltd Trading as Bella Manufacturing will custom install components to vehicles as per owners request.
  • If the gvm tolerance of the vehicle requires engineered modifications for increase – this is solely the owners responsibility.
  • Frastil Pty Ltd Trading as Bella Manufacturing will advise where practical on gvm and payload limits – however take no responsibility for these.

Stainless Steel Fitout

  • 3 months parts and labour offered at place of manufacture

Coffee machines and grinders

  • Coffee Machine – 12 months back to base parts and labour
  • Coffee grinders – 12 months parts back to base and labour


  • Cummins Onan Generators (KLM Marine Electrics Pty Ltd) – 12 months back to base parts & labour or 1000 hours whichever comes first
  • Honda Generators – 3 years parts and labour


  • Engel Fridges – 3 years parts and labour (confirm via their website T&C’s)
  • EvaKool Fridges – 4 years parts and labour (confirm via their website T&C’s)
  • Glass Front Dislay Fridges – 12 month parts only (confirm via their website T&C’s)


  • Water Pump – 12 month replacement warranty ( no labour )
  • Hot Water System – 12 month repair or replacement ( no labour )


  • Deep Cycle Battery – 12 months limited warranty (confirm via their website T&C’s)
  • Battery Charger – CTEK or Victron – 1 years replacement (confirm via their website T&C’s)
  • Most other electrical components – 12 months parts only (confirm via their website T&C’s)


  • Slush Machine – 12 months parts only warranty ( no labour ) (confirm via their website T&C’s)
  • Pie Warmer – 12 months parts and labour (confirm via their website T&C’s)


Trailer chassis is covered by a three month parts and labour warranty offered at place of manufacture

How To Obtain Service For assistance on any of the individual components contact the suppliers directly as per the contact list supplied.  Where the supplier requires authorization or confirmation, call Frastil Pty Ltd Trading as Bella Manufacturing on 1300 721 811 for an authorisation number. There is no guaranteed time frame for repairs to be carried out, but all warranty issues are regarded as “urgent” and every effort will be made to have the problem rectified immediately.

Authorised Service Agents. 

Service is provided by a wide network of service agents throughout Australia  Warranty repairs may only be carried out by an authorized service agent.
Neither Frastil Pty Ltd Trading as Bella Manufacturing nor any of its suppliers will reimburse repair claims carried out by an unauthorized service agent and without prior authorization.  Please telephone 1300 721 811 for a warranty authorization number and name of an authorized service agent in the purchasers area.  It is the responsibility of the purchaser to freight the unit or components to and from the authorized service agent and pay for this freight cost.

Where an authorized service agent is not available in a particular remote area then the client may recommend a suitable technician to diagnose and fix the issue.  We don’t allow for service outside normal working hours, otherwise call out fees are applicable.

Warranty Does Not Include

Frastil Pty Ltd Trading as Bella Manufacturing and the various suppliers will not accept a warranty claim if:

  • Modifications have been carried out to any part of the unit without written Authority.
  • Damage to or failure of the unit has been caused in our opinion by incorrect, extreme or unreasonable use or conditions.
  • Damage to or failure of the unit has been caused in our opinion by misuse, neglect, accident, impact or other similar causes
  • Damage to or failure of the unit or component has been caused by vibrations, jarring or movement as the vehicle / trailer has been driven around.
  • Coffee machine Solenoid or Element – If you leave the coffee machine on whilst you are driving there is a risk of the solenoid valves or the element “burning out” as the water in the boiler moves around. In setting the coffee machine up we generally ensure a “high” level of water in the boiler to minimise the chance of this happening. If this does happen the coffee machine warranty does not cover the replacement of the solenoid valve or heating element or consequential damage, as it is not a manufacturing fault.

Frastil Pty Ltd Trading as Bella Manufacturing and or its various suppliers and contractors will not accept any claim for consequential loss of any nature whatsoever arising from the malfunction or stoppage of this unit or any of its components. The beneficiary of this warranty is limited to the unit’s original purchaser. Frastil Pty Ltd Trading as Bella Manufacturing have total discretion on the variation of the warranty terms. This warranty cannot be transferred to or varied by others.

Insurance Cover

Whilst in our workshops or being transported between any of our workshops or contractors the units are covered entirely by our insurer. The purchaser is responsible for insurance cover the moment the goods are dispatched from our workshop.  If we have arranged the freight of the goods to the purchaser then the unit may be partially covered by the freighters insurance (this is limited to external damage only).  We strongly recommend that the purchaser takes out full insurance prior to the goods being dispatched.  Frastil Pty Ltd Trading as Bella Manufacturing will not be responsible for any damage to the unit internal or external during transportation to the customer even when we have arranged the transport.  Frastil Pty Ltd Trading as Bella Manufacturing will not be held responsible for any damage or loss suffered or costs incurred in transit of the unit to and from any service agent undertaking warranty repairs.

Ongoing Insurance Cover

We strongly recommend that the owner of any mobile unit takes out an comprehensive insurance package including but not limited to:

  • The vehicle itself and the fit out
  • Public and Products Liability
  • Electronic Components (generator, coffee machine etc)
  • Business Interruption

We recommend that the purchaser search out various options for insurance cover and we can suggest options if the purchaser ask us.


Maintenance of the unit and its various components is the total responsibility of the purchaser.  We will provide the manufacturers printed maintenance literature where it is available to us.  Weather or not we are able to provide this, it is the buyers responsibility to seek out advise on maintenance requirements and put these maintenance programs into action.


Frastil Pty Ltd Trading as Bella Manufacturing require a deposit to be paid prior to commencing any construction on any mobile unit. The deposit of 40% of total invoice will be outlined in your specifications. Once the deposit has been paid we will schedule the unit into production and commence work as soon as practical. A “progress payment” may be requested, to be paid at “practical completion” of the structural work in the unit and prior to the installation of the generator and electricals. At the completion of the job, all goods must be paid for in full, prior to dispatch or pickup from our workshop or from any of our suppliers or contractors. The purchaser is welcome to inspect any goods in our workshop prior to dispatch. If an item is not collected or shipped immediately after manufacture, it must be paid for within seven days of us notifying the purchaser that it has been completed. All items remain the property of Frastil Pty Ltd Trading as Bella Manufacturing until paid for in full. If Frastil Pty Ltd Trading as Bella Manufacturing are required to engage a debt collection agency, all costs associated with that action are the sole responsibility of the debitor.

Production Time Frame

We will give the buyer an approximate time frame in which we will strive to manufacture the mobile unit.  Depending on the product this time frame will range from four to eight weeks.  In the event this production time is extended Frastil Pty Ltd Trading as Bella Manufacturing will contact the customer and advise of this.  Frastil Pty Ltd Trading as Bella Manufacturing will not compensate for delays in production time, but will do everything within reason to manufacture as quickly as possible and eliminate any delays.


We will make ourselves available to show the purchaser the basics of operating the mobile coffee unit, either in person or by way of telephone hook up.  We will introduce the purchaer to the appropriate technicians who may show them in more detail the operation of items such as the Coffee machine, Grinder, Generator and the like.  We will also provide an operations manual that will provide further guidance and explanations.  It is the purchasers responsibility to educate themselves fully about the operation of all the pieces of equipment by observing, asking advise, reading the manuals and seeking further instruction from qualified people.


All refrigeration in mobile coffee units requires special attention due to the harsh and hot environment in these units. Each unit we supply will include extraction fans and vents that allow for the best possible air movement.

Glass front fridges, slush machines and any 240v refrigeration often provide an attractive “display” unit for selling or storing items, however the success of these fridges in mobile operations is variable and somewhat limited under warm and hot conditions.

Although we will supply and install these 240 volt refrigeration units at the customers request, we can not warrant their effectiveness. If additional vents are required to assist with fine tuning the airflow then this is to be done at the customers expense.

Electrical Supply

The majority of our mobile units have both 240 volt and 12 volt electrical systems.  All electrical systems are built strictly to Australian Standards.  All our mobile units are designed to plug directly into 240 volt 15 amp power points which will enable the unit to operate or charge up.  When preparing for a new unit we recommend that the purchaser have a 15 amp power point installed wherever the unit will operate or be “on charge” overnight.

Coffee Van –  Coffee Vans are wired for a 15 amp power supply. We do not recommend the use of 20amp coffee machines or appliances in a mobile coffee unit.

Coffee Carts – Coffee Carts are wired with a 15 or 20 amp power lead to plug into a 15 or 20 amp power socket.  We recommend that the purchaser prepare for their new coffee cart by having the appropriate power point installed near the coffee cart.  Wiring will be suitable to equipment on board.

Battery and Inverter Systems

As part of many mobile coffee and food units, Frastil Pty Ltd Trading as Bella Manufacturing includes both Battery Packs and inverter systems.

We use We use high quality brands such as Victron.  For each system we install we will use a selection of equipment which is calculated as being appropriate for the task.  Many factors including environmental conditions and method of use, will effect the “actual” performance of this equipment and as such Frastil Pty Ltd Trading as Bella Manufacturing does not guarantee that actual performance will be the same as that calculated in theory.

Furthermore, the life of any batteries is determined by both environmental conditions and the manor in which they are looked after over time.  Because there are so many factors beyond our control, neither Frastil Pty Ltd Trading as Bella Manufacturing or Victron will guarantee how long a battery will run for or how long it will last.

Water Supply

Mobile units all have water tanks that need to be filled by way of a hose.  We recommend the use of a specially purchased FOOD GRADE hose to fill these water tanks.  Stationary units such as Coffee Carts may be designed to be connected to mains water supply.  It is the purchasers responsibility to check the fitting type and fitting size to ensure ease of connection.  We recommend that all mains water supplies be fitted with a pressure limiting valve so that the possibility of leaks or damage to the lines are minimised.


Where appropriate we will issue the purchaser with written certifications from duly authorised parties certifying that the work done on our mobile coffee unit fit outs complies with the relevant codes and authorities. These may include certification of Electrical installations, Generator installation, LPG installation, and structural modifications and compliance to Australian Design Rules. Which certification we issue will be dependant on the individual vehicle or installation. It will be the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure subsequent and ongoing compliance.

As many local Authorities have their own interpretation of the various compliance codes, we can never guarantee compliance to these various interpretations. Where certifications is issued by the various tradespeople involved in the construction, they themselves are certifying compliance to the appropriate code. Where an independent certifier issues certification and compliance to a particular code, that certifier takes on the responsibility of compliance. The purchaser will be issued with certification in the format of a compliance plate, a written certificate or quoted licence number or code.


All generators will perform differently dependant on many factors including the ambient temperature in which they are operating, their service history and the load that they are supporting.  Operators need to to be very aware of these and take care to balance the load that the generator supports.  Because of these variable factors neither Frastil Pty Ltd Trading as Bella Manufacturing or the generator suppliers can guarantee the ultimate performance of a generator.  Although the suppliers of the different generators we use, will offer a limited warranty on the actual generator, the ongoing maintenance of the generator is the total responsibility of the operator.  We recommend that each operator follows the service schedule precisely, as recommended by the supplier.  We also recommend that all generators are turned off while the vehicle is in motion and is turned back on again once the vehicle is stationary.  For further advise on your generator we recommend that each operator contacts the generator supplier.


Because extra weight is added to a vehicle during the fit out, the standard suspension of that vehicle may need to be upgraded to carry this extra load over time.  Unless quoted in our specifications we will not install additional suspension, air bags or leaf springs in any vehicle. Customers are welcome to do this themselves at a later date and at their own expense if they deem it appropriate.  The onus lies on the purchaser to ensure the load that the vehicle caries after the fit out is complete, still lies within this given carrying capacity limit of that vehicle.


Frastil Pty Ltd Trading as Bella Manufacturing provide a range of canopies that attach to utility vehicles and small trucks. These canopies are custom made to suit the specific application and may be manufactured from aluminium, molded fibreglass or flat panel fibreglass. These canopies are fitted out with coffee and food catering equipment. Windows, doors and vents are often mounted in the canopy. Commercial hinges, seals and ventilation grills are used in each unit. We strive hard to provide a commercial seal that is weather resistant. However by the very nature of these canopys and the conditions to which they are exposed we can not and do not guarantee that they are completely water proof or dust proof.


Placing an order for a custom made mobile coffee unit constitutes a contract between the purchaser and Frastil Pty Ltd Trading as Bella Manufacturing. Product specifications will be outlined in a set of specifications that will be provided to the purchaser and this will form the basis of our contract.  Our workshop will endeavor to manufacture according to these specifications.  However, variations from these specifications may occur based on the physical structure of the unit, availability of components, size restrictions and other constraints beyond our control.  Frastil Pty Ltd Trading as Bella Manufacturing will not be held responsible for any such variations that are made due to such circumstances, but will ensure a totally professional job is achieved.  By placing an order with Frastil Pty Ltd Trading as Bella Manufacturing and paying a deposit, the customer is agreeing to the terms and conditions as outlined here.

A storage fee of $30 per day may be applied for any trailer, vehicle or item that has been completed but not collected by the purchaser within 14 days of completion, unless prior agreement has been made and agreed upon. This will be applied to the final invoice with the goods not being released until the full invoice is settled and will be incurred daily at the sole discretion of Frastil Pty Ltd Trading as Bella Manufacturing.

All equipment remains the property of Frastil Pty Ltd Trading as Bella Manufacturing until the total invoice has been settled. The purchaser agrees to accept all costs associated with removing any and/or all of the items should any default or non-payment of any invoice issued by Frastil Pty Ltd Trading as Bella Manufacturing for agreed work occur.

Second Hand Goods

From time to time Frastil Pty Ltd Trading as Bella Manufacturing will offer for sale second hand units that are being sold directly by Frastil Pty Ltd Trading as Bella Manufacturing or on behalf of another party.  These second hand units are sold on an “as is” basis and come with no guarantee beyond that offered by the manufacturers of the various components (which themselves are often quite substantial)  We recommend that the buyer does their  own due diligence when buying any second hand products.