Coffee Machines

If you are just looking for the coffee machine but not the cart – or trolley, or van, or Ute – then Bella Manufacturing supply a great range of coffee machines from award-winning manufacturers, Fracino.

Fracino’s world-class coffee machines are engineered to the highest standards and as winners of an award for ‘Excellence in Technical Innovation and Expertise’ they are also the only manufacturer of gas-powered coffee machines certified for LPG use in Australia and New Zealand.

Options include the latest 1 Group and 2 Group (one or two steam wands) state-of-the-art Bambino machines as well as the classic Contempo range of affordable luxury espresso machines. Prices inclusive of GST are:

  1. Electronic/Volumetric
    • Bambino 1 Group: $2,999
    • Bambino 2 Group: $3,999
    • Bambino 3V 2 Group: $4,199
    • Contempo 1 Group: $3,749
    • Contempo 2 Group: $5,549
  2. LPG & Electric Dual Fuel
    • Contempo 1 Group: $4,995
    • Contempo 2 Group: $6,899

With this great range of options there’s a machine for every budget, and Bella Manufacturing can organise supply and shipment to any location in Australia or New Zealand.

Syrups and Cordials

Some customers love their coffee straight, but others like to add a little extra and Bella Manufacturing is proud to be a distributor of Alchemy Coffee Syrups, Frappe Mixtures and Classic Cordials.

These tasty top-ups are not only delicious, but they are entirely free from artificial flavours or colours, making them a great addition to your range.

When you choose to offer these great syrups and cordials you also get a range of display marketing material that will drive sales by clearly letting customers know what’s on offer before they buy so you don’t have to do the hard sell.

For more information on any of our coffee machines, accessories or syrups and cordials call one of the team on 1300 721 811 or head to our online store.