The Aussie appetite for ice cream is as big as ever and it’s not just kids reaching for a soft serve cone or an ice block on a hot day at the beach. But the chimes of Mr Whippy are a distant memory next to the sleek, contemporary ice cream vans designed and fitted by the team at Bella Manufacturing.

Ice cream, gelato, frozen yoghurt, slush, iced coffee and frappes are just a few of the treats that Aussie’s expect to see on the menu these days, and Bella Manufacturing will help you set up your ice cream van business to meet all the demands of customers looking for more choice and healthier options.

Our ice cream vans are set up with the world’s finest ice cream and gelato making equipment and our team work with you through the design process, construction, and set up, and provide ongoing support for your ice cream van business.

Every Bella Manufacturing ice cream van is unique and we custom design and build to your specifications and business needs. We can tailor a fit-out package for your new or pre loved van or even do a refit on your current ice cream van.

For more information on taking the first step on the road to realising your vision of an ice cream van business download our brochures below, email us here or for a no obligation chat call one of the Bella Manufacturing team today on 1300 721 811.

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