Here at Bella Manufacturing we offer a unique service that can take your brand down new roads. Our talented team of industry experts will custom design your unique project to suit your goals and specifications. Taking your business mobile gives you the opportunity to reach new audiences whilst also giving your customers the opportunity to touch and feel your products or even sample your culinary creations.

Engaging all the senses is by far the most successful way to sell your products and develop brand awareness.



Spectacular branding bill board both onsite and when mobile. Customers will be able to see and engage with your products, food, and demonstrations of your new or existing brand.


Smelling food or scented products is scientifically proven to stimulate the appetite or draw attention to your promotion. This will lead to an increasing awareness of your products.


The sound of food being freshly cooked, whizzed or any other form of preparation also stimulates appetite. Sound also allows your customers to hear, recognise and remember your product.


With sight, smell and sounds already aroused, the delivery of the final product will definitely be better. The customers will literally be hooked.


The final touch on winning the customer over will be up close personal interaction with your front-line team. Staff your vehicle with your best employees for the ultimate customer experience, word of mouth advertising by your customers is priceless.

Email us for more information about our promotional vehicle manufacturing services, or for a no obligation chat, contact our office on 1300 721 811 and let Bella Manufacturing help you take the road less traveled.