The retro look is hot right now and Bella Manufacturing teardrop trailers are a unique way to make your mobile coffee and catering business part of that scene.

These days Aussie nostalgia for the style of the 1950s is combined with a demand for high quality coffee and food, as well as great service, and our teardrop trailers will let you stand out from the crowd with your complete mobile coffee and catering business.

Great for functions, roadside events, street food markets, the beach and the bush, our stylish retro trailers are high quality functional units built with the same attention to detail and design as all our vehicles.

Our custom design choices include coffee trailers you stand in or trailers you stand beside, and all have the same range of power options as our bigger catering vehicles including a generator or our LPG gas ‘green’ alternative.

For more information download our brochure below, or for a no-obligation chat about how we can help you get your teardrop trailer catering business on the road call us on 1300 721 811 or email us

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