Building and Retaining Your Followers

If you see your service window filling with the familiar faces of returning customers, you know you are doing it right. Repeat customers are crucial to your food truck business, and it is important to not only attract new customers, but retain the customers you have.

To do this, you need to not only know your customers, but understand them. Understanding starts with getting a handle on who your customer really is. Figure out a few traits of your food truck followers, research your audience and create a strong strategy to turn them into loyal followers. Understanding your customer is about how you can not only meet their needs, but also their evolving and future needs.

Going above and beyond expectation & creating customer loyalty

Customer expectations are the nonverbal agreements you establish with your customers. These expectations can include things like the level of service you provide, the quality and quantity of food, and may also include timing and presentation. These factors become the basis on which customers evaluate your food truck. The more you meet or exceed these expectations, the more likely you are to have loyal followers.

Stand out from the crowd – messaging

So you’ve spent all your time creating your concept and menu, but the queue at your service window isn’t as long you would like. No two food trucks are the same, but you need to figure out what makes yours so special.
Have you created all original dishes? Do you use any special ingredients? Think about what you can provide that your competitors cannot and turn this into your unique selling proposition (USP).


Repeat customers from dissatisfied ones

While it is almost impossible to retain every single customer, there are some great ways to turn a dissatisfied customer into a repeat one. To diffuse a situation some strategies include; create written policies, communicate in a calm voice, use empathy, find the problem, find potential solutions and understand that certain people just wont be happy. Don’t let one bad experience get you down! While losing a customer isn’t a good thing, it can turn into an opportunity to turn the situation around and grow as a business.

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