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What is the difference between a smoko truck and a food truck?

Smoko Truck Vs Food Truck

One of the great things about the mobile catering industry is the vast array of options available – from small coffee carts all the way up to large shipping container kitchens. The type of food being served determines the type of vehicle required and we’re often asked about the difference between a smoko truck and…

Coffee, drink and food van businesses can now dish up in Northern Territory parks and reserves

AAFCANS Smoko Truck

Owners and operators of drink and food truck businesses in the Northern Territory can now take their mobile catering vehicle off-road and into stunning, natural landscapes thanks to the Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory. Interested food truck businesses can apply to the Australian Government for a special NT food van permit to…

Promotional Vehicles and Experiential Marketing

Promotional Vehicles

Promotional vehicles and experiential mobile marketing trailers have seen massive growth over the past decade. Recent research reveals that: 70 percent of people turn into repeat customers after attending experiential marketing events, 85 percent of consumers say they are more likely to buy after participating in experiences and events. Little wonder then that brands are…