Why Buy a Bella Food Truck?


Why Buy A Bella Food Truck?

Starting or expanding your business is an exciting time! However, before jumping into any business, you must consider all of your options. You will need to be able to determine what manufacturer you will use and whether they meet all the Australian standards and legislative codes. Here at Bella we want to ensure, as you move into the mobile food industry you are able to make all the right decisions to get you on the road making money as soon as possible. When purchasing your mobile food unit, you should take the time to do your research. Here are a few tips from our team at Bella Manufacturing.

buy a Bella food truck

The manufacturer itself will have many codes of practice that they must comply with to ensure their products are safe and ready to take the road. You should check that your chosen manufacturer meets the following standards:

  • The Australian trailer manufacturing code VSB1
  • The Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989
  • Does the kitchen comply with Australian Food Safety standard codes 3.2.3
  • Is the exhaust canopy supplied with certification of design and build compliance of code 1688
  • Does the cooking equipment installation comply with Australian standards AS/NZS 5601
  • Does the firewall splash back comply with Australian standards AS/NZS 5601
  • Is the gas equipment installation compliant with AS/NZS 5601
  • Is the gas equipment supplied ASA approved and certified for mobile use
  • Is the electrical wiring certified by an Australian electrician and do the connections comply with BCA and Australian codes
  • Is your unit legally registered (before you receive it) for use on Australian roads

buy a Bella food truck

Not only is it important that your chosen manufacturer follow codes and Australian standards, but you will want to ensure that they are a well-established business who are willing to invest in you and your exciting new business prospect. It’s important to ensure that the end product is durable, safe and Australian-made to gain the most out of your unit. You should ensure that your manufacturer satisfies the following:

  • Ensure the manufacturer is a long-term Australian manufacturing business using qualified Australian trades-persons
  • Does the manufacturer have a team of food service professionals to assist you with the design and advice for your business
  • Is the manufacturer well established, supplied to and trusted by large corporate business and government organisations
  • Is the manufacturer an approved manufacturer/supplier for bank finance
  • Can you actually visit the factory and see your unit being manufactured
  • Are the trailer frame, suspension, axles and braking systems made in Australia
  • Is the trailer heavy duty and designed for Australian road conditions
  • Does the manufacturer provide scale plan drawings that can be provided to council for food premise applications
  • Does your manufacturer have a 100% pass rate with local council certifications for all their units
  • Does the manufacturer provide warranty for all their units
  • Does the equipment supplied have warranty that includes readily available parts
  • Will your unit have excellent resale value

Here at Bella Manufacturing we aim to provide our clients with a premium product that meets all the Australian codes and standards. We strive to ensure the production is smooth by providing quality customer service. That is why you should purchase a Bella food truck.