If there’s one thing the Australian climate lends itself to its outdoor living; we also love good coffee. Bella Manufacturing combine the two in our range of complete mobile coffee and catering or food vans that let you make hot or cold food, espresso… and lattes and flat whites and cappuccinos… literally on the run.

Designed to cater for the door-to-door market Bella Manufacturing offer the complete package with full fit-out and van included, or we can fit-out a van you already own. We design and build custom coffee and food vans to suit your needs.

And with franchise opportunities plus noise and pollution free ‘green’ alternatives there’s a Bella Manufacturing coffee van or catering van to suit your business and your budget.

Our Range of Complete Mobile Coffee Vans

Whether you love a Merc or you’ve always been a VW fan, Bella Manufacturing full coffee van packages come in a range of ready-to-serve vehicles that cover a variety of budgets and sizes including:

  • Mercedes Vito
  • Hyundai I-Load
  • Mitsubishi Express
  • VW Caddy
  • Citroen Berlingo

BYO coffee van fit-out – almost any vehicle can be converted into a mobile coffee van catering solution. Contact us for more information about fitting out your own vehicle.

Bella Manufacturing will turn your lifestyle dream into a reality and our innovative, value-for-money design process revolves around you. From selecting the equipment that suits your needs, to a fit-out that matches you exact specifications, we consult you every step of the way. We will design and build the perfect custom coffee or food / catering van for you!

For more information on taking the first step on the road to realising your vision of a mobile coffee or catering business, email us here or call one of the Bella Manufacturing team today on 1300 721 811.