Fracino Shaping The Way For Mobile Coffee


Fracino is the choice for mobile baristas

Fracino is a United Kingdom based coffee machine manufacturer who has been supplying innovative coffee technology since the 1990’s. In 2014, Australia and New Zealand received gas certifications AS 4563-2004 for its one and two-group coffee machines. The brand proved their position in the Australian marketing with a 500 per cent increase in sales for their gas-powered coffee machine.

Fracino - Mobile Gas Dual Fuel Coffee Machine Solutions

So, what sets them apart from other high performing, commercial coffee machines? Well, these units provide a dual fuel option that optimises performance whilst decreasing electrical costs. For those in a mobile set-up this has changed the game dramatically. Mobile operators were relying on large generators as a source of power which often proved to be an expensive operation. Most other coffee machine brands would require up to a $10,000 generator and $100 worth of diesel a week, just to power the machine. The dual fuel machine allows you to simply run off $20 of gas per week or at least down-size your generator to lower costs. Keeping council onside is very important, and reducing the noise and smell created by generators can help make the approval process smooth.

Fracino - Mobile Gas Dual Fuel Coffee Machine Solutions

Many operators would typically steer clear from gas options due to the pre-conceived notion that gas machines are under powered and aren’t suitable for large output volumes. However, Fracino have proven that their dual fuel machines are just as powerful, if not more than, other commercial coffee machine brands. Having the ability to produce up to 500 coffees per day, whilst slashing running costs is every operators dream.

Coffee Machine Solutions are one of the only Fracino suppliers in the country and we highly recommend their expertise to all our clients! They are the coffee gurus. Check out their website or read this article for more information regarding the Fracino range. For more information on mobile coffee units get in touch with our team or check out the link.