Shipping Container Kitchens

Shipping Container Kitchens

The dream of running a successful food business can take many forms, and whilst we build plenty of food trucks, trailers and vans, shipping container kitchens are also a fantastic choice.

Successful food businesses are often about location, so a shipping container is a good option for a business that operates in a semi-permanent setting such as a park, on a riverfront or at a daily market. These potentially offer less rent and overheads than a bricks and mortar building and because containers can easily be moved on a flatbed or towed on a trailer, where they stop is not where they must stay. When considering a shipping container as a possibility, if regular movement is not a necessity, then neither are wheels.

Shipping container kitchens offer more of a restaurant ‘feel’ with their structure and semi-permanent location. They are secure and able to be locked down and left for the night. It’s also possible to set up umbrellas or other shade options; chairs, tables, and planters to create more of an experience of ambience for their customers without having to pack it up and drive away at the end of every day.

Shipping containers come in many different sizes – the most popular being either a 20ft or 40ft container – so typically the room inside a container is going to be much larger than that of a mobile unit. This is a great benefit for operations with multiple team members working at the same time or for those that would utilise a larger commercial kitchen with more equipment for their service offering. Service windows and doors are also larger than those on a mobile unit, making the space more open and ventilated.

Shipping containers have less stringent weight restrictions placed upon them – the licence required to move a container will always be that needed for a flatbed or tow truck – so kitting out the kitchen with plenty of equipment will be an option. The maintenance required will be on the kitchen equipment only, not on a vehicle as well and a shipping container is very durable with a long life span.

So, for those entrepreneurs looking to the mobile food catering industry as an option to a bricks and mortar restaurant, a shipping container kitchen provides yet another fantastic option with its own unique benefits.

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