Coffee, drink and food van businesses can now dish up in Northern Territory parks and reserves

AAFCANS Smoko Truck

Owners and operators of drink and food truck businesses in the Northern Territory can now take their mobile catering vehicle off-road and into stunning, natural landscapes thanks to the Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory.

Interested food truck businesses can apply to the Australian Government for a special NT food van permit to operate their mobile catering van within the NT parks and reserves included in the new policy.

This allows small business operators the opportunity to tread new ground, expand their capabilities, and corner new clientele while enjoying limited competition from other vendors providing food, drink and coffee services within remote areas.

Approved mobile catering vehicles can park up at waterholes, hiking trails, camp grounds and other nature spaces, making it super convenient for hungry hikers, campers, swimmers and other nature lovers to refuel with first-class cuisine and cuppas served up in the middle of the bush.


The Territory Labor Government has released the official policy and guidelines for mobile food van businesses interested in applying. It is advised that interested parties read through this information before sending in a permit application.

Under the guidelines released by the Territory Labor Government, mobile food truck operators can apply for a range of options, including single day permits to multi-year permits. Here’s an idea of what sort of costs mobile food vans are looking at:

Permit costs

  • $50 for a single day
  • $800 for urban, or $200 for remote three month permits
  • $1500 for urban or $$400 for remote six month permits
  • $3000 for urban or $600 for remote annual permits
  • $4,500 for urban or $1000 for remote multi-year- 2-year permits
  • $6000 for urban or $2000 for remote multi-year 3-year permits

The Territory Labor Government recognises the importance of improving the experience of visitors and available services at Northern Territory parks and reserves. These national, natural treasures attract visitors, support jobs and keep the economy ticking over.

To learn more about the permits – who can apply, how to apply, and what you need to supply and outline in your application, head over here.