Food Truck Design: What to consider

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As a custom food truck manufacturer, we spend a lot of time thinking about food truck design.

The mobile catering industry is growing in popularity, whether it be existing food retailers looking to expand upon their bricks and mortar business by adding a mobile element; a seasoned food truck operator expanding their fleet; a promotional marketing activation; or a start-up making their mobile catering dreams comes true.

There is a lot to consider in the design phase, here are some of the main elements to focus on:

Vehicle Type and Size

We work with all types of operators as listed above and depending on their individual product offering and business plans, the type and size of vehicle is a good place to start. The equipment needed and its associated weight (fuel, water, stock, LPG bottles and staff) will determine a minimum vehicle GVM required. Then, consider things like where the vehicle will operate and the access that is required to both arrive and park. Our team are happy to discuss ideal vehicles with you in your planning stage and can offer a fleet discount from trusted suppliers to our customers. Food truck Vs food trailer considerations are detailed in a previous blog, click here to jump to that.


Most food trucks will contain a range of equipment including refrigerators, grills, deep fryers, ovens, sinks and more, dependent on the food service offering. The location of where these should sit within the kitchen will be factored into the design. All these machines use power so ensure you include the size and weight of required generator into your food truck design equation.


As well as where each piece of equipment should sit, layout will consider such things as floor space and covering, ventilation, preparation areas, storage areas and where to serve customers. An important consideration is also the height of your service bench in relation to customers ordering from ground height. When thinking about layout, it is a good idea to map out the flow of service. The interior of a food truck is compact and it needs to be a safe and efficient workspace for maximum output. Having team members falling over each other to put together a meal is not going to contribute to a smooth preparation and service experience.

Branding and Signage

A food truck can really stand out in a crowd with a creative branded vehicle wrap designed to attract attention and encourage custom. The design of a wrap will take into consideration awnings, doors and service windows to maximise your eye-catching signage, tempting customers to come and check out your menu.

Food truck design can be exciting, and a well thought out project will ensure output from your mobile kitchen is maximised and efficient which is a solid foundation for any catering business.
Our team have over 30 years of experience in commercial kitchen planning, design, industry experience and manufacturing, and we are dedicated to creating quality custom food trucks that are built to last. Talk to us today about how we can help you with your food truck design.