New Road Vehicle Standards for Food Trailers

food trailer safety standards

In good news for consumers, the Australian Government are introducing new legislation from 1 June 2021 to ensure trailers (including food trailers) supplied to the Australian market are safe, secure, and environmentally friendly.

Unfortunately, many imported trailers and small local builders have not met Australian standards over the years, and this change in legislation will now ensure customers receive a safe, compliant mobile unit.

This legislation will have implications for compliance, testing and production of all trailers, including the food trailers and vehicles that Bella Manufacturing have had 30 years of industry experience building.

You can read more about the changes that are coming here, but in a nutshell, they are designed to make the vehicles on our roads safer by:

  • Requiring federal government Type Approvals for all new trailers in the market
  • Registering manufacturers and importers with the Australian Government
  • Recording new trailers on a register of approved vehicles
  • Refusing registration with state authorities if the new trailer is not recorded as above
  • Most importantly, conformity of production. Manufacturers and importers will be required to demonstrate control over all stages of production from design through to supply, to ensure they are produced to the approved design.

Sadly, we often receive calls from entrepreneurs who have spent money on a new food trailer or similar and find the quality of it wanting after a short period of time. On the positive side, we are often able to assist with repairs and upgrades that see them on the road and growing their business again.

food trailer safety standardsAt Bella we are thrilled with the pending introduction of these new safety standards. As manufacturers of premium custom food vehicles, we have dedicated decades to producing units that are built to last with quality Australian materials. A Bella vehicle is built from the tyres up in our factory by skilled tradesman & professionals. They have always been guaranteed to meet Australian codes and regulations before being transported to their new owners across the country and with the introduction of this new legislation, that will continue.

If you are looking to enter the food trailer industry and your vehicle will not be ready by 1st June, ensure your manufacturer will be able to meet these new standards (plus answer these other relevant questions) before you proceed to purchase.


Got a question? When researching for a new food vehicle or business venture, there is no such thing as a silly one. Contact us online or call 1300 721 811 for a chat and we’ll be happy to share our knowledge.