Warranties, Servicing and Repairs


A guide to maintaining your mobile food business

Staying on top of services and repairs is vital for any mobile food business. If you do not keep on top of these, your business may be taken off the road, warranties can become void and you’ll have the possibility of facing financial hardship. When purchasing a Bella product you will receive an operations manual with a detailed outline of the warranty and service contacts, as well as the operating instructions. To ensure your warranties don’t become void, you must learn how to use and maintain all of your equipment correctly according to the manuals. Here we will outline a couple of aspects of a mobile food vehicle that must be maintained in order to sustain a longer lifespan:


  • Never let the water run low in the water tanks as this can burn out motors and pumps
  • Ensure the water tank inlet is never contaminated
  • It is advised that your water tanks are cleaned and sanitised weekly to prevent contamination and build up
  • It is vital that your waste tank is emptied every night


  • By maintaining a regular maintenance schedule for your generator, you will ensure many years of use
  • It should be serviced by an authorised service agent every six months for low-medium daily usage or quarterly for high daily usage (6-8 hrs a day, 7 days a week)


  • Equipment must be cleaned daily – poor cleaning procedures will result in some manufacturers voiding their warranty
  • Gas equipment should be serviced half yearly by a commercial gas fitter (not domestic)
  • Exhaust rangehood filters should be changed weekly with a full canopy clean every six months by a professional service cleaner

Kitchen Cleaning:

  • Stainless steel benching should be cleaned thoroughly after every service
  • These benches should be polished with an oil-based product each week to prevent surface pitting and rusting


  • Your vehicle should be serviced every six months to ensure the vehicle has limited breakdowns
  • Not servicing your vehicle can reduce its lifespan and void warranties

Your mobile food vehicle is not limited to these five aspects outlined above. Here at Bella we ensure ease of access to all information so that your vehicle will run effectively and efficiently. Bella Repairs is in full swing and will be taking new and existing customers for repairs and servicing. Call our team of industry experts for any questions or information about warranties or repairs for your mobile food business.