Reasons to consider a food truck business

Food Truck Business

The food truck industry is a growing small business sector. Whilst data on the value of the industry in Australia is scant, the number of trucks operating nationally has been increasing over the past several years in most states across Australia. In 2018, the number of food trucks in Melbourne was reported to have doubled in two years.

So in a growth industry, are there other good reasons to consider a food truck business?

  • Many Councils around the country are facilitating a simpler process to apply for and receive permits to use council-owned land for operation. Busy entertainment and recreational hubs activate community spaces and boost community engagement and spirit, something most Councils are keen to cultivate.
  • For both newcomers to the catering industry and those already in business, a food truck is a great opportunity to test food ideas and understand the market before committing to a bricks and mortar store.
  • The lower overheads in comparison to a fixed location (rent, utilities, staff, furniture etc) can mean profit creation happens faster. Councils understand this often then leads to employment opportunities, further business investment, and discretionary spending in the local economy – or a combination of all three.
  • Mobile catering provides a food experience that celebrates a variety of cuisines and cultures. Not only can a wide range of food be prepared and served, but the customer experience is also unique – being able to see food prepared, enjoying interaction with passionate chefs, and trying new foods prepared especially for them. This adds another element to thriving community life in public spaces.
  • Autonomy is important to many people in their working life. A food truck business can be flexible in terms of location, hours worked, menus and more. When the combination is optimised, food trucks can make a comfortable income and having a fleet of trucks makes the business larger.
  • Growth in business is always a driving force and food trucks are leveraging a growing trend in the food business to expand operations with a mobile element. Existing restauranteurs and franchisees are early adopters of this lower cost expansion model.

Take a look at some of the food trucks and trailers we have built for both new businesses and those looking to expand. If you feel the food truck industry is for you, let’s have a conversation about how we can help build an amazing unit for you.