Mobile solutions for business

Mobile Solutions For Business

The Five Senses of Sales

Taking businesses mobile is booming in Australia and there are many good reasons for vans, trucks and trailers to have a custom fit out.

In the digital age consumers are bombarded with messaging for so many products it’s easy to switch off. And organisations spend so much time focusing on bringing in new customers they forget to spend time educating and upselling their current ones on their complete service offerings.

Successful companies are thinking backwards to go forwards, understanding that – as in days gone past with travelling sales reps – touching, looking, feeling, and using the product is the best sales tool.

The strategy of going out to meet your market where they are is a solid one. Putting brand, product, and sensory experience in front of a target market so they can experience before they purchase is a valuable business tool, and mobile services are a great way to bring that strategy to life.

Custom vehicles can help all types of businesses reach their target market via:

Product Training

Custom fit outs can incorporate many things – TVs to show videos and how-to presentations, whiteboards for interactive sessions, shelving and storage to house products for on-the-spot demonstrations and much more. This gives customers the opportunity to see up close and in real time how a product can help solve a problem or improve and streamline their existing process. Allowing buyers to touch and feel products and see exactly how they work is a powerful motivator towards purchase.

New Product Launches

Getting new products into the hands of clients is key and a mobile outlet to share samples or demonstrate new features is a fantastic way to do it. Vehicles can be wrapped in brand colours and logos to ensure it stands out and interiors can be fit out to create a comfortable environment for customers to enjoy a fully immersive brand experience.

Information Sharing and Education

Rather than trying to entice customers to visit a certain location for information or education on a product or service, a mobile centre can go directly to them to ensure the right people are receiving the knowledge they need. Businesses that provide educational experiences at schools across the country have been using this tool for many years and it works for all kinds of businesses who can stop at office blocks, industrial parks, and business centres.

Enterprises of all types in primary and secondary industries can enjoy the benefits of a mobile service offering to reach out to their customers. Engaging the five senses is a sure way to drive sales and share a service experience, and a custom vehicle can get you there. For more information on our custom fit outs or to discuss your project, please contact us.



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